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About Eagle Secure Solutions

At Eagle Secure Solutions we sell and service top brand-named computers from our partners: Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo and Acer. We also build custom systems to a client’s specifications, and repair all of the custom and brand name computers we build and sell. We'll design, build, deploy, secure and service complete wired and wireless networking solutions of any size, in any location: private homes, apartment complexes, business, malls or entire cities. We offer one free hour of service to all new business customers.

Since 2005, we've maintained one hard-core requirement for all who would be employees -- they must be Microsoft Certified and possibly hold other certification from CompTIA, IC³ and Cisco. Thus, our consultants have many hours of hands-on experience with all versions of Microsoft Servers, operating systems, applications and groupware solutions. As a customer, you should expect that from any consultant you hire.

We also assist with management of multi-office locations, cross platform connectivity, network migrations, project deployments, planning and leadership. We help protect our clients by providing remote management, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, by performing security assessments and offering several service retainers that guarantee fast, personal service.

We provide a wide range of IT consulting services to a variety of local industries, including manufacturing, non-profit, educational, legal, real estate and service-oriented businesses, throughout the Susquehanna Valley and the northeastern United States. Our clients rely on us to support some of the latest technologies including Windows Mobility, Voice over IP (VoIP), Blackberry, as well as others.

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Our Team

Our Mission

Eagle Secure Solutions is on a mission to ensure support and assistance to anyone who needs it. Computers can be a tricky business, and we don't wish to see anyone stuck in frustration because they don't know how to fix it so they can get on with their business. Whenever, wherever, we will be there.

Our Vision

Eagle Secure Solutions makes it our mission to not only be familiar with current (and past) hardware, software, and material, but also strive to learn about the newest products and upgrades so we can ensure our customers products that will work most efficiently and effectively now and every day to come.