• Computer Networking

    We offer the latest, most effective options for easy file sharing between various devices in your home or office.

  • Computer Hardware

    Modems, external hard drives, power cords- you need them, we have them. We have everything necessary to give you a functional and superior technological hub for your house or business.

  • Cloud

    If you'd like to be cloud compatible or would like to learn more about the Cloud in general, we can help you. Ask us any questions!

  • Computer Consulting

    Eagle Secure Solutions offers quick and easy service for any of your computer issues from disaster recovery to remote support.

Our Specialties

computer hardware

Computer Hardware

Eagle Secure Solutions is happy to be a distributor of computer hardware.

computer networking


Learn about the huge advantages to networking all of your computers together!

computer problems

General Consulting

Computer problems? No problem for us. Let us be of service to you!

cloud services

Cloud Capability

Heard about the Cloud but not sure what it is or what it does? Learn more here!


We provide a wide range of IT consulting services including computer networking to a variety of local industries, including manufacturing, non-profit, educational, legal, real estate and service-oriented businesses, throughout the Susquehanna Valley and the Northeastern United States.

Some of the services we offer :

  • Computer Networking Between Any and All Devices
  • New Computers and Hardware
  • Computer and Software Upgrades
  • Training
  • Free Consultation
  • Computer Repair
  • Anti Virus Protection
  • Virus & Malicious Software Removal


Eagle Secure Solutions is happy to offer special financing for our clients. Our financing plan covers networking your computers, new computers, upgrading and even our monthly maintenance. You are upgrading one of the most important aspects of your business which will save you time and money while reducing the cost into a small monthly payment.

Free Consultation

We at Eagle Secure Solutions are happy to offer you a free consultation. During this consultation, we will analyze your current computer setup, make suggestions for improvement, and answer any questions you have about any of our services, products, or offers. Give us a call today to schedule yours at (717) 272-0073.