Government Services

Government Services

Eagle Secure Solutions has been a proud partner of government offices since 2014. As of 2018, Pennsylvania approved us as a provider of the latest technology equipment through the COSTARS program. This allows local agencies to save time and money by creating simpler, straight forward bidding process for the technology they need. By working with our technology partners, Eagle Secure Solutions can offer custom solutions for any size agency. Not only can we provide quality equipment, but we can also provide top notch service to setup and maintain the equipment we sell.

Eagle Secure Solutions is available to handle the needs of local, state and federal government entities such as the following:

  • Local Townships, Boroughs and Municipalities
  • Non-Profit Fire, Ambulance and Rescue Companies
  • Political Subdivision or Authority
  • Tax Exempt Entity
  • Non-Profit Educational Institution
  • Non-Profit Public Health Institution
  • Council of Government or Area of Government that expends public funds for the procurement of supplies and services

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