Residential Services

Residential Services

Eagle Secure Solutions knows that a home network is just as critical to your life as a business network. Whether you use your system to watch movies, play games, pay bills, or connect with others, you need your network and devices to work.  We can help keep your devices running smoothly and your network connected by providing a wide range of IT consulting, support, and training services that meet your needs.

Hardware / Software Sales & Service

Laptop / Computer / Server Upgrade & Repair

If your device is a little older, it may be time for an upgrade. Adding memory, changing the video card, replacing the hard drive, installing software updates, or other small upgrades can bring new life to your computer or device.  Let our expert technicians diagnose any problems with your devices and offer solutions to keep them running longer.

Hardware & Software Sales

When you need a new computer, device, router, or software, the consultants at Eagle Secure Solutions can help you. We work with several technology partners to be able to offer the best equipment and software to meet your needs an affordable price. If you need help customizing, installing, or networking your equipment or software, our technicians are ready to work with you.

Cloud Services

Office 365 Home/Personal

Office 365 is the latest way to put the Microsoft Office products used for school and business in your hands. With Office 365 you subscribe for online access for up to five devices and enjoy a terabyte (TB) of storage and free upgrades as they become available. Speak with our consultants to determine which version works best for you and your family.

Service & Support

In-House Service

Bring us your computer or other device and get a free estimate and diagnosis of the problem. Our technicians can spend time with your equipment while you get on your way. We want to get you back up and running quickly, so we try to keep our turnaround time to 1-2 business days. Drop-offs outside of business hours may be available. Please call to schedule a drop-off time.

On-Site Service

Have computer problems and would like to have one-on-one service at your location? Take advantage of having a trained knowledgeable individual come to your location and explain all the options. Our goal is to make you feel empowered with your computer not intimidated. Also, by having our trained technician(s) on-site; we may also be able resolve additional issues before they become problems for you.

Remote Service

Need computer service and have a busy schedule? Take advantage of our remote service option. Call to set up a time to get dedicated service without anyone leaving their location. As long as you have an internet connection and allow us to run our remote software, your computer problems can be solved quickly and more cost effectively than on-site service.

This a great option to:

  • Ask questions about something running on your computer.
  • Fix a problem that is software related.
  • Get training on how to do something on your computer.


Virus/Malicious Software Removal

If your computer is running slowly, programs will not run properly, your computer is loud, or there are suspicious pop-ups, you may have a virus or malicious software. Viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware are all dangerous pieces of software that have the potential to allow your identity, passwords, or account information to be stolen. The longer they stay on your device, the more dangerous they can become. Let the trained technicians of Eagle Secure Solutions thoroughly clean your system and help you safeguard your system against attack.

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