Service & Support

Quick Repair Service

If your computer is running slowly, making strange noises, or simply not working as it should, we may be able to help. We will diagnose the problem and provide repair options.  Whether through in-person or remote help, we will work quickly to get you back in business.  Choose the service option that is right for you and your team.

    • Remote Service—IT problems may be resolved with a remote session. This fast, cost-effective option lets us diagnose issues without leaving the office. All we need is an internet connection to the computer and permission to work through the problem remotely.
    • In-house Service—Some issues cannot be resolved remotely, so we offer an option for you to bring your equipment to us. We can diagnose problems with equipment and perform backup or repair services that require a more hands-on approach. Call for an appointment and bring only what needs repairing. Our in-house setup lets us connect your tower or laptop with our power supply, monitors, keyboards, and mouse so that you can leave those at home.
    • On-site Service – If you would rather have us come to you, that’s no problem.  We can schedule you for service at your location.  This is an excellent option for those with hardware, networking, or power supply problems, as we can identify the source of the issue.
    • Managed Services—Many clients choose our services for monthly security, patch, and system updates. Through a maintenance agreement or managed services agreement, we can remotely keep your device up to date by installing an agent on the computer. At a designated time, you will leave your computer on, and we will remote in, run the updates, and ensure your system is running optimally.

Same-day service may be available.  Call or email to get your appointment scheduled.


Do not spend money on new technologies without planning for the training to use them effectively. You and your team need to know how to use any new equipment or software to gain the most from it. We offer on-site and remote training to help you and your team learn everything you need to know. Additionally, you can call on us for training when you have new staff members or want to learn a new feature.

Did you know that phishing is the most common type of cyberattack?  We offer training with follow-up testing to ensure your staff is not opening a door to a cyberattacker.  We can also provide a wide range of security training to equip your teams to keep your network safe.

Policy Review

There is no point in getting new technology and security if your policies do not support network security.  We can work with your business to ensure IT-related policies protect your network.  You must also have a fully tested incident response and disaster recovery plan in case the worst happens.  Eagle Secure Solutions has templates to get you started, and we will work with you to ensure they are completed accurately.


We offer competitive pricing and build solutions with your budget in mind.  For in-house service, we provide diagnostic services and a free estimate.  Before any work begins, we give you our best estimate for the length of time, hardware costs, or other costs associated with the project.  Discounts may be available for AAA® and Chamber of Commerce members.

We also offer free consultations for business clients. We can help you with a project, long-term planning, or continual IT support. It all starts with a free, no-obligation consultation and our recommendations to help you move forward.