Business Services

Business Services

Eagle Secure Solutions takes pride in working with businesses to develop reliable IT solutions to meet their unique needs. We provide a wide range of IT consulting, support, and training services to allow businesses to improve the customer experience, build business-to-business integration, and utilize existing equipment and software more efficiently and effectively. We also assist with management of multi-office locations, cross-platform connectivity, network migrations, project deployments, planning, and leadership. Our business clients have security and peace of mind knowing they have the best IT solutions for now and as they grow.

We work with a growing number of businesses in a variety of areas, including:






Real Estate

Service-Oriented Businesses





Hardware / Software Sales & Service

Laptop/Computer/Server Upgrade & Repair

If your computer is running slowly, making strange noises, or just generally not working like it did when you first purchased it, our expert technicians may be able to help. We can diagnose the problem and provide options to fix or upgrade your hardware or software, so your valuable time is not wasted on faulty computer devices.

Hardware & Software Sales

When it is time to expand your business technology or replace your hardware or software, let us provide you a no obligation recommendation and quote. Our technology partners allow us to provide competitive pricing on computers, tablets, servers, networking equipment, security software, operating systems, point of sale systems, phone systems, and more. We will work with you to create the best solutions that stay within your budget.

Managed Service/Maintenance Agreement

Why wait until a problem happens? Problems never happen at a good time for your business! Preventative maintenance including network documentation, system clean-up, software updates or patches, and back-up checks can prevent problems and save your business money and time associated with employee downtime and critical information loss. Eagle Secure Solutions can provide many affordable options to ensure your system is working well on a monthly basis.

Software/APP/Website Development

Do you need a program, website, or application created or updated for your business? Contact us for the help you need to take your business to the next level! Our marketing team specializes in website development, search engine optimization, social media creation, blog creation, and much more. Marketing strategies combined with knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the industry make our marketing services a smart and worthwhile investment.

Cloud Services

Office 365 Business Editions

Think Office 365 is just getting Microsoft Office on the cloud? Think again! Office 365 now has several editions to help businesses get the right products and security at the right price. Depending on the level you need, Office 365 Business can now offer not only the Microsoft Office products you are familiar with, but also offer up to a terabyte (TB) of file storage per registered user, up to 50 gigabytes of email hosting and storage, the ability to host meetings online, and more. Let Eagle Secure Solutions show you how you can boost your productivity with Office 365 Business Editions.

Cloud Server

If it is time to replace or upgrade your current server, you should consider moving your sever to the cloud. Unlike your current in-house server, cloud servers offer more security, redundant back-ups, faster speeds, and fast customization. Let us show you how a cloud server can be more cost effective than a server in-house and provide secure access from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software

Don’t let opportunities slip away or lose leads through poor recordkeeping of communications and transactions. Let Eagle Secure Solutions show how CRM software can make a good sales team great!

Voice Over IP Systems

You already pay for Internet to run your business, so use your internet service to save you money on your telephone and voice bills as well. Our consultants can examine your system and show you how much money your business can save by implementing VOIP.

Service & Support

In-House Service

Bring us your computer or other device and get a free estimate and diagnosis of the problem. Our technicians can spend time with your equipment while you get on your way. We want to get you back up and running quickly, so we try to keep our turnaround time to 1-2 business days. Drop-offs outside of business hours may be available. Please call to schedule a drop-off time.

On-Site Service

Have computer problems and would like to have one-on-one service at your location? Take advantage of having a trained knowledgeable individual come to your location and explain all the options. Our goal is to make you feel empowered with your computer not intimidated. Also, by having our trained technician(s) on-site; we may also be able resolve additional issues before they become problems for you.

Remote Service

Need computer service and have a busy schedule? Take advantage of our remote service option. Call to set up a time to get dedicated service without anyone leaving their location. As long as you have an internet connection and allow us to run our remote software, your computer problems can be solved quickly and more cost effectively than on-site service.

This a great option to:

  • Ask questions about something running on your computer.
  • Fix a problem that is software related.
  • Get training on how to do something on your computer.


Penetration Testing

The number of data breaches is increasing every year, with 43% targeting small businesses. The cost of these breaches is more than money; many of the affected businesses are forced to close. Let Eagle Secure Solutions find the weak spots in your system and help you find ways to eliminate them. Together we can make sure your data remains secure.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters take on many forms: fires, floods, data breaches, loss of key personnel, and more. Does your company have a clear plan should a disaster strike? Let a trained Eagle Secure Solutions consultant work with your organization to develop a plan and train your employees on how to recover from any kind of disaster quickly.

Virus/Malicious Software Removal

If your computers or network are running slowly, programs will not run properly, your computer is loud, or there are suspicious pop-ups, you may have a virus or malicious software. Viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware are all dangerous pieces of software that have the potential to allow your identity, passwords, or account information to be stolen. This can harm your business reputation or cause you to lose money and customers. The longer they stay on your device, the more dangerous they can become. Let the trained technicians of Eagle Secure Solutions thoroughly clean your system and help you safeguard your system against attack.

Point of Sale / Credit Card Processing

Are you looking for a more secure credit card processing system or a better credit card processing rate for your business? Maybe you need a special system to be able to keep track of customers, inventory, and promotions from one secure location for one fixed cost and have 24×7 support. If so, we can help.

Eagle Secure Solutions can offer POS systems and credit card processing at a low monthly cost, and, best of all, the support is FREE! Contact us to find out how you can save money on your processing rates and be able to uncover new revenue opportunities with the different credit card processing devices we offer.

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